Custom AC Line Filters

Custom AC Line Filters

In this discussion, we’re delving into the world of custom AC line filters that we recently crafted for a client who builds mobile medical clinics and other specialty vehicles. One of the things they can do in these mobile medical facilities is provide on-site blood sample evaluation, eliminating the need for sending samples to external labs and lengthy result waits.  

One critical piece of medical equipment in these facilities is the centrifuge. Surprisingly, it was the first time we encountered an electrical device that didn’t integrate cleanly with our power system. Its performance was inconsistent, which posed a significant challenge in a medical setting where reliability is paramount. 

Upon investigation, we pinpointed the issue—a high sensitivity to the very slight electrical “noise” riding on the output from our pure sine wave inverters. While these inverters do produce a tiny bit of noise, this is noise you cannot hear and is more akin to electrical interference that would cause the centrifuge not to work most of the time. 

Medical and scientific laboratory equipment can be very sensitive to power and frequency fluctuations. In hospitals and clinics, at least in North America, this isn’t usually an issue because the power systems are very stable and well filtered. But an off-grid mobile situation is a bit different. Given the unique nature of this problem, we embarked on a journey to find a solution. 

We initially explored off-the-shelf filter options to eliminate the troublesome noise. However, we found that none of them effectively addressed the specific frequency range of concern. 

This challenge led one of our electrical engineers to devise a unique and tailored solution—a custom line filter designed explicitly to remove the interference in a very narrow frequency range. Employing sophisticated software modeling, our engineer determined the precise filter components required to rectify the issue. 


AC line filters before

Our journey continued with the development of a working prototype and validating its effectiveness. We refined the design to streamline manufacturing and created custom printed circuit boards for the filters. Ultimately, this innovative approach successfully resolved the issue and ensured seamless centrifuge performance for our customer. 

While most of the electrical equipment remains unaffected by such nuances, it’s vital to recognize that laboratory and medical apparatus, due to their heightened sensitivity, may occasionally encounter similar challenges. 

The good news is that we’ve crafted a reliable solution that can be readily applied if similar situations arise in the future. Furthermore, we’ve shared our findings with Victron Energy, enabling them to assist other clients facing similar predicaments. 


AC line filters after

Our commitment to solving unique challenges extends beyond this specific project. We’re currently working on a sensitive endeavor with a government agency that will feature exceptionally delicate lab equipment. With our proven expertise, we’re well-prepared to tackle any obstacles that may arise, 

In essence, our journey to design custom AC line filters exemplifies our dedication to reliability, problem-solving, and our readiness to assist clients in achieving uninterrupted functionality, especially when dealing with highly sensitive equipment.