Off-grid power for small cabin


Natives in Harmony is a small business located in Morrow County with a big mission – encourage the wider use of Ohio’s historical decorative grasses and flowering plants.  They propagate plants that our forefathers would have encountered as they pioneered the prairie plains and woodlands of the state.  The plants are hardy, appealing and are good for wildlife, especially pollinators.

Off-Grid Power Systems first met the folks from Natives in Harmony when they sought our expertise to replace a previously installed solar power system for a remote cabin on the property.  The system was not consistently producing and storing the power needed for the cabin and they were under a deadline to get the situation improved before the 2024 growing season.

Our process began like other large projects with an extended discovery process of visiting the site and discussing the power needs for the cabin to be grid independent.  This included an analysis of the electrical demands and needs of the cabin for it to function as intended.  A line drawing was created based upon this information with a recommended system size and supporting equipment, including panels, inverters, and battery storage.

The system installed and commissioned at Natives in Harmony includes six 390-Watt PV panels, Victron equipment such as Lynx power distribution, a MultiPlus inverter, a SmartSolar charger, and communications and monitoring support from a Cerbo and GX 50 touch screen.  Victron also supplied batteries for energy storage.

IMG 1498

Natives in Harmony are very pleased with their decision to work with Off-Grid to correct and improve the solar PV system powering the cabin.  Gale Martin, owner, said,” It is so nice to finally be able to go back there, flip a switch, and actually have the lights come on!”.  She added, “Off-Grid delivered the project on time and communicated with us throughout the process especially during commissioning.”

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Off-Grid Power Systems enjoyed working with the folks from Natives in Harmony and invite other businesses that have a need for remote, non-grid reliant power, to contact us to discuss your needs.