Off-Grid Power Systems Hosts Second Round of Victron Training for Dealers and Installers

Off-Grid Power Systems Hosts Second Round of Victron Training for Dealers and Installers

On November 16th and 17th OGPS hosted and conducted a second round of training for installers on the construction and commissioning of energy systems using equipment manufactured by Victron Energy Systems. Installers from seven states and Canada gathered at the OGPS facility in Delaware, Ohio for two days of training on Victron components and group discussions. 

Discussions ranged from proper fusing to three phase installations. The training consisted of building and commissioning split-phase and mobile power systems with Victron components, and a second day of troubleshooting purposely induced errors made by OGPS on the commissioned systems. 


Russ Fling, MSEE and OGPS’ chief engineer discussing three-phase power systems 

Ed Jones, owner and founder of OGPS said “We incorporated many of the suggestions from students who attended our first training event and based on feedback from this session, I think we’ve settled on an approach that we can use to build camaraderie and joint learning between the students and presenters. In addition to the hands-on learning, we incorporated several technical discussion sessions for the entire group. At the beginning of day one we asked the students if they had any specific subjects they would like to discuss in detail, with the discussion of three-phase power systems and phase rotation being just one example. Technical knowledge transfer is important, but so is creating a sense of community, if even for just a couple of days.” 

Feedback from one attendee: 

“I wanted to share the great experience I had last week during the Victron Energy training hosted and organized by Off-Grid Power Systems. Ed and his knowledgeable team set up a great hands-on training where they answered questions with enthusiasm and professionalism.  

The atmosphere they provided nourished outstanding collaboration among all participants, where learning and sharing knowledge was a key thread from the moment we introduced ourselves till the moment we left. 

The sessions exceeded my expectations. I left the training more convinced than ever that Victron equipment and support are best in class for off grid solutions thanks to Ed, Russ, Steve, Sean (Saul) and Nick. Thank you for having Off-Grid Power Solutions as your distributor and providing the equipment for the training.” 

Joaquin C. 

Off-Grid Power Systems will offer this training at least three times a year to assist in building the competency of installers using Victron components and to meet, network, and share expertise among those involved in the mobile power systems and alternative energy industries. If you are a dealer or installer using Victron Energy equipment and are looking for a distributor to partner with who can provide technical assistance and deep engineering knowledge, then be on the lookout for future training events announced on the Victron Professional website or email us at