Hyperion 570W N-Type Bifacial Solar Panels

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Hyperion 570W N-Type Bifacial Solar Panels


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Hyperion 570W N-Type Bifacial Solar Panels HY-DH144N8

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These panels are made in Runergy’s latest PV module factory in Alabama. In time, all of the most popular Hyperion solar modules will be made in the USA.

High Conversion Efficiency

Module efficiency up to 22.0% based on N-Type wafer and advanced N-Type cell technology

Excellent Energy Yield

More power output in field operation due to better thermal behaviors, weak-light performance and bifaciality

Outstanding Anti-degradation

Unsusceptible to LID, LeTID and less annual degradation due to special charateristics of N-Type

Quality Guaranteed

High module quality ensures long-term reliability

Runergy N-Type Dual Glass Product Performance Warranty

  • 25 Years warranty for materials and workmanship
  • 30 Years warranty for extra linear power output
  • 1st year <1%, annual degradation <0.4%

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