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Most RVs have an on-board 12v battery that is used to power on-board lights, water pump, electric brakes break-away system, a radio, and ceiling fans. The battery is charged when you plug your camper into an external electrical service – called shore power.

Without a shore power connection, however, none of the AC appliances or receptacles will work unless the camper came with an inverter. Generally speaking, only the newer, higher-end RVs came from the factory with an inverter, and even then it was likely only sized to run a residential refrigerator.

To provide power to the microwave, television, blender, toaster, air conditioner, etc. when camping without electrical hookups, a properly designed and installed off-grid power system can be retrofitted into RVs new and old. However, this process always starts by understanding what your goals are then consulting with us to provide appropriate options. Don’t worry, even if you aren’t sure what you really want, we can guide you through the process to meet your needs and budget.

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