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Achieve off-grid living with our renewable energy solutions. Experience comfort and sustainability with our top-tier solar systems, providing reliable, clean electricity. Choose Off-Grid Power Systems for efficient, green living. Contact us today for a seamless, eco-friendly off-grid journey.
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At Off-Grid Power Systems, we're more than a renewable energy company. We're your partner in embracing an eco-friendly, self-sufficient lifestyle. Our mission is to provide you with reliable, clean electricity solutions that allow you to live off the grid without compromising on comfort.

  • Sustainability:  Our solar systems are a testament to green, renewable energy, reducing your carbon footprint significantly.

  • Reliability: Off-grid doesn't mean unreliable. Our solar systems guarantee consistent electricity supply, ensuring you're never left in the dark.

  • Efficiency: Make the most of every ray of sunshine with our highly efficient solar panels, designed to optimize energy absorption and conversion.
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Whether you’re a DIYer looking for some guidance on sizing the right off-grid power system for your needs or even recently retired and looking to travel North America in a glamorous motor coach with all the comforts, we can help you design, plan, and install any off-grid power system for your recreational vehicles.

Each client will be guided through the following steps to ensure satisfaction.


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The goal for this build was full electrical power for all appliances, especially air conditioning, with no electrical hookups and the ability to run air conditioning, as needed, even with two days in a row of cloudy weather.

As is often the case, the amount of available space on the roof constrains the amount of solar charging capacity and inefficient appliances lead to quick battery drain during periods of no sun. How did we solve this problem?

Power efficiency

First, we needed to remedy the two largest consumers of electrical energy for this camper – the refrigerator and air conditioner. Typical 15k BTU roof-top air conditioners consume around 1,400 to 1,600 watts of power when running. That’s easily 20kWh of energy per day on hot days. A typical 6 cubic foot absorption refrigerator running on 120 volts AC consumes about 450 watts when running, or about 5kWh of energy per day. That’s 25kWh of energy per day just to stay cool. And to achieve the goal of running everything for two sunless days would mean at least 50kWh of battery capacity, which is not practical.
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    What our client are saying

    Charlie P.

    Ed is extremely knowledgable, collaborative, and professional in his approach. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results!

    Tom F.

    Ed’s extensive knowledge and attention to detail certainly gave me the confidence that our system will be reliable for years to come.

    Troop 844

    We wanted lighting around our equipment trailer and device charging capability for troop leaders. Off-Grid Power Systems was happy to perform our small project and even teach our Scouts how to perform the work. We can’t thank them enough!

    Mary M.

    Ed Jones of Off-Grid Power Systems is a mobile solar system wizard. Whether you want a state-of-the-art solar system for your RV/trailer/camper that will let you boondock in style, or a more basic set-up that will enable you to enjoy the bare necessities while you’re out on your mobile adventures, Ed will thoughtfully and meticulously design and install a system that’s tailored to your needs.

    Kelly H.

    After doing a lot of online research on battery power and solar, we reached out to Ed and Off-Grid Power Systems. What a resource he is! He took the time to explain everything (sometimes more than once…), and never pressured us to buy something he suggested – he was focused on what we wanted to accomplish, not what he could provide. As a result, we are wiser and he will gain some new customers!

    Krystal M.

    If I could I’d give more stars I would. I travel 100% for work and live in my Transit van while working. While in Ohio my system had a meltdown. Literally. Everyone I called- it was the weekend- told me two or three weeks. When Off-Grid Power Systems heard I had a melting wiring in my system, and I was just moving through the area, he came in on Saturday. Told me he was concerned about fire, and really saved me. I can’t recommend his team and their knowledge enough! This is the guy to see if you’re looking to upfit a van with electrical. Or you need to start from scratch. Highly highly recommend. Professional shop, knowledgeable, high quality work.

    Tim L.

    Ed is a systems expert and he quickly found the problem. Required replacing a faulty Multi Plus and I had him install new Cerbo GX and GX Touch 50 units. He had me back on the road with fully functioning system which he can now view remotely. Greatly recommend his services!

    Jon H.

    I needed some work done with my batteries and Ed was OUTSTANDING! Ed is passionate about what he does and goes the extra mile to ask the correct questions to suggest the best setup for your needs. It is hard to find quality installers that know their stuff and have a high attention to detail. If you are interested in solar and need help call them today or schedule a time to stop by the shop. You will be happy you did.

    Dean S.

    After talking with OGPS I was more than comfortable going with them as they sounded like “do it right or not at all” kind of guys. Off-Grid Power Systems spent several days doing the work and the equipment install and wiring job is very professionally done. They also allowed me to watch and learn about what and why of my new system. Great customer service!!!

    Marquette H.

    Off-Grid Power Systems did a phenomenal job updating my electrical system in my converted van. The system was incorrectly installed originally, and Ed and his team completely updated my system to ensure that it is installed correctly and even added extra safety measures. Not only were they extremely responsive, answering my voicemail for help after calling many electrical companies, but they also went out of his way to answer all my questions and concerns throughout the process. I cannot recommend Off-Grid Power Systems enough! 5 stars all around!

      We Can Help You Design, Plan, And Install Any Off-Grid Power System For Your Recreational, Specialty Or Work Vehicle, Boat, Or Off-Grid Building.

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