Guaranteed Satisfaction

Our Approach

Every Client is guided through these Steps to ensure Guaranteed Satisfaction





Maybe you are a weekender who just needs the comforts of home for one or two days or perhaps you’ve reached that time in life when you want to live full-time in your RV.

Whatever your ultimate goal, this is the time for us to get to know each other. In-person, by phone, or video chat, we will discover your requirements and overall goals for the eventual installation. Bring your questions and we’ll provide answers.

In the end, we’ll discuss with you several options with rough – order-of-magnitude pricing*. Once we’ve hit on an approach and budget, we’ll begin work on the system design.

Pricing for this design service is determined by the size and complexity of the requested system from our consultation.

Learn more about sizing an off-grid power system and our design, installation, and commissioning process below.





Here we will turn your requirements and goals into a professionally designed off-grid power system, which includes:

  • load summary
  • capacity summary
  • equipment costs
  • wiring diagram
  • and an estimate of the materials and installation cost.

The design may be altered a bit after the presentation to the client and further discussion.




Once the final design has been agreed to by the client, along with advanced payment for all necessary equipment, the system installation will be scheduled at our facility. If the installation is scheduled six weeks or more in the future, a non-refundable deposit may be necessary to secure your position for the installation of your system.

Installation time ranges from three to ten business days, depending on the complexity of the off-grid system and the complexity of the vehicle or building into which it’s installed. If the cost of materials and/or installation labor exceed 20% more than the initial estimate, the customer will be consulted before any work continues.

This protects all parties from unexpected surprises, which can sometimes happen due to the wide variety of customer expectations and the build of individual recreational and speciality vehicles.




Once the installation is complete, we will schedule a pickup date with the client, which usually occurs within three business days of completion. At the time of pickup, the entire system will be tested against a checklist and the client will be given a demonstration of how to operate the new electrical system.

Standard installations require testing in front of the client and operational training that will take between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on how many questions the client has. More complex systems with greater degrees of customisation and programming might take a bit longer to go through the operational training.

Questions on the operation of the off-grid system can always be asked, even after the client signs off on the installation. Once final acceptance is achieved, payment of the balance is made to us, and the client heads out, untethered from the grid, to live their dreams of exploring our natural wonders.

Feel free to contact us if you have questions or would like a consultation.