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off-Grid power systems: Our Story



Turning personal need into value for others

We are campers, we like to be spontaneous, and we like our comforts. But lately, that’s more challenging with the surge in RV ownership and Americans eager to get outside. Reserving a rustic spot – with electricity – when we decide to pause our hectic lives for just a few days, is getting more and more elusive without planning months ahead!

Who hasn’t waited anxiously for the clock to strike 7 am so you could book a reservation at an awesome park 18 months in the future?

We decided that if we wanted to be in nature and still have a nice hot shower and air-conditioning at the end of the day, we’d need to be independent of the grid.

We started exploring our options. We spent months researching, designing, planning, and then installing the equipment we purchased. Then we spent several months tweaking settings and upgrading battery capacity to get to where we were self-sufficient for days or weeks at a time, even in peak air conditioning season. We became experts at squeezing the most power generation and storage within the space limitations of an RV.

And then we decided to bring our expertise to others who didn’t have the time and skills to achieve independence from the grid of which they dreamed. That’s where Off-Grid Power Systems comes in. We can save you months of research and trial-and-error if you’d rather just hit the road quickly. If you’re inclined to DIY your installation, but just want help with the design and configuration, we can help you with that, too.

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Whether you’re a DIYer looking for some guidance on sizing the right off-grid power system for your needs or even recently retired and looking to travel North America in a glamorous motor coach with all the comforts, we can help you design, plan, and install any off-grid power system for your recreational, speciality, or work vehicle, boat, or off-grid building.
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